The Beekeeper

Mr Kim Fewster, a fourth generation beekeeper lives on the old family farm in Muchea where the prized honey is extracted and bottled.

The farm has belonged to Fewster’s family since 1898 with honey being commercially produced there since 1916.

Kim has been a passionate beekeeper for as long as he can remember and from an early age Kim started working with bees under the careful instruction of his father and grandfather, both lifelong beekeepers.

Kim has actively promoted and developed the image of Western Australian honey through being one of the biggest producers and exporters in Western Australia.

When the Asian Apiculture Conference was held in Perth in 2006, Kim was the president and host and remains as the Australian representative of the Asian Apiculture Association. He has also played a big role in developing the Western Australian & Australian National Apiculture Associations and is still a central figure in both associations.

Kim can be described as an engaging and passionate beekeeper who loves his job and has a passion for beekeeping and prioritizes producing the best quality honey above all else.

Kim Fewster, a lifelong Western Australian beekeeper