Our Jarrah Honey Products

Fewster’s Farm specialises in producing high quality Jarrah honey harvested directly from the pristine ancient & ancient Jarrah forests of Western Australia.

All Fewster’s Farm Jarrah honey is tested for its TA level and batched accordingly.

Today, Fewster’s Farm offers 3 kinds of Jarrah honey products:

FF Jarrah honey TA 10+ – A Jarrah-dominant blend typically produced at the end of the Jarrah flowering season when other forest trees begin to flower. Fewster’s Farm Jarrah honey TA 10+ is perfect for general use where you want the benefits of a high concentration of Jarrah honey to deliver potent health benefits with a delicious taste.
FF Jarrah honey TA 20+- Best described as “typical” Jarrah honey, TA 20+ is produced during normal flowering seasons of the Jarrah forest. It has significant antimicrobial Activity, is as rich in vitamins and minerals, and antioxidants as TA30+, and has the great flavour that Jarrah honey is famous for. An alternative to the TA30+ if you love the flavour of Jarrah so much you just have to eat more. It is also good to treat mild skin injuries or infections*.
FF Jarrah honey TA 30+-One of the rarest and most unique honeys in the world, very high activity TA 30+ is sourced from old-growth Jarrah forests only when optimal climatic conditions occur during the bi-annual flowering of the Jarrah trees. The honey has exceptional antimicrobial and antifungal Activity, is rich in antioxidants (2 to 3 times more than Manuka), abundant vitamins and minerals, low GI (suitable for diabetics in moderation) and a host of other beneficial health properties. Eat as is, or drizzle over cereal, fruit or natural yogurt for best results. TA30+ Jarrah honey can also be used as a powerful dressing to aid healing of skin injuries* (burns, abrasions or ulcers). With magnificent taste and texture, this honey promotes vitality, good health and healing

Try our honey and you will taste the difference!

*Please consult your medical professional before using honey for medicinal purposes.