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Liquid Gold: Australian raw and organic honey for sale

Fewster’s Farm “liquid gold” honey is harvested from some of the most pristine and disease free forests in the world and extracted and packed in our Organically Certified factory at Muchea, WA.

Fewster’s Farm honey offers a winning combination of tasty, pure, raw, 100% natural Western Australian honey.

Fewster’s Farm honey is not heat treated and it is not ultra-filtered. It retains all of the goodness that Mother Nature intended.

The raw honey with a difference

Fewster’s Farm has been beekeeping for over 100 years and prides itself in continuing a long tradition of ethical beekeeping.

Fewster’s Farm is organically certified.

The entire product range of Fewster’s Farm Honey is 100% free from any chemicals or pesticides, and harvesting is done to ensure that optimum goodness is retained.

A great selection of products for sale

Fewster’s Farm  specializes in Jarrah honey, including organic varieties. Jarrah honey is a rare, unique, high activity honey found only in Western Australia. We are the biggest independent producer of organic Jarrah honey.

Fewster’s Farm organic Premium honey is an organically certified blend of the best of Western Australian honeys such as Wandu, Banksia, Red Gum and Karri.

Fewster’s Farm Premium honey is a tasty blend of some of the best Western Australian honeys.