Buy Jarrah Honey: For Sale at a Great Price!

Delicious and nutritious, there’s really nothing else quite like it. Fewster’s Farm Jarrah honey is sourced from Eucalyptus marginata trees that grow only in the natural forests in the south-western part of Western Australia. The trees prefer the ancient iron-rich lateritic soils in this region, which absorb rain water during winter, but become very dry during summer. The size of the forests make them free from contamination or pollution from agricultural or industrial activities.

Why Jarrah is the best to buy

These trees are very slow-growing, taking up to 120 years to reach maturity, and live for up 1,000 years. The trees grow up to 40 metres tall with a large leaf canopy, and trunks up to 3 metres in diameter. They typically produce flowers only once every two years, from late spring to early summer. However, the flowering pattern is variable as it depends on sufficient rainfall during winter and warmth during spring.

Raw Jarrah honey is produced by bees from the nectar collected from these flowers, and is truly special. It often is considered one of the world’s most premier “healing honeys” that you can buy, as it has extraordinary natural anti-microbial and anti-fungal activity, high fructose (and low glucose) levels, high antioxidant content, plus other beneficial vitamins, minerals and natural chemicals. This anti-microbial activity is measured by the term Total Activity (TA) and depending on the purity, raw Jarrah honey can have a TA of more than 38+ which is remarkably high.

Raw Jarrah Honey is special because, like many valuable things, it is in short supply. Western Australian Jarrah trees only flower once every two years meaning that Jarrah Honey harvesting only takes place bi annually.

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