Looking for more information about Fewster’s Farm Honey wholesale and exports?
See our FAQs below or contact us to enquire.

Where can I find Fewster's Farm Honey?

In Western Australia, Fewster’s Farm Honey can be found on the shelves of Woolworth’s and Coles supermarkets and in select IGA stores. Fewster’s Farm Honey can also be found in many organic and grocery shops. You can also purchase our honey from our online shop.

What products are available for wholesale?

All of our products listed on our website are available wholesale , we also supply bulk honey in 15kg pales, 30 kg pales and 1400kg IBC

What quantities can be purchased wholesale?

Wholesale quantities can range from 1 carton to full sea container amounts

Where do you export to?

Fewsters Farm currently exports to Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Malaysia, Oman, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom and the USA

Do you supply activity ratings analysis?

Yes, all of Fewsters Farm active honey that displays a TA or total activity rating has been tested at the National Measurement Institute in Sydney and the Chem Centre in Western Australia.

How are your products exported?

Our products are exported by ocean freight in Loose container loads or full container amounts and by air freight, cost permitting .

What documentation do you provide?

Fewsters Farm provides country specific certificates of analysis from the ChemCentre WA, Certificate of Health from Australian Federal Agriculture Department and other country specific declarations.

I am interested in stocking Fewster's Farm Honey, how do I do this?

To become a stockist of Fewsters Farm incredible honey please email your details and what platform you would like to sell on.

I am interested in importing Fewster's Farm Honey, how do I do this?

Fewsters Farm welcomes new distributors for our honey. We are very experienced in exporting honey to all parts of the world. Please send an email to request a quote. We have sole agents in Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Oman and Malaysia who are very willing to help with requests from these countries.